Kent Whites Air Hammer Shrinking tools
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the pict above shows the center of gravity of the top tool
it must be very hollow & filled with very light weight matl.
is the matl. Magnesium to grip ? or Titanium ?

the Bottom tool to the right is also VERY light weight matl. ?


Kent Whites explanation

Hold the metal at a 45 deg angle upwards into the dies.
Hit the foot pedal so the hammer hits regularly, but not rapidly.  Allow the metal to shrink left and right or right and left.  You may shrink in or back out towards the edge of the panel.  Work the shrink back into the panel, if this helps make the radius of the shape larger.  Start over at the edge of the panel and shrink more if you need more curvature.  The higher the crown offered into the dies means the more they will shrink.