March 30, 2012

The Rains have been pretty heavy this week.
The river was forecast to reach flood stage today, but has been downgraded by a cpl feet.
The soil is so soaked & saturated by this time of year that we get land slides pretty regular.
But this is the first time we have had one between us and Hwy 101.
Coming home from the store this evening we had to go the long way around adding about 1/2 hour to our trip.
the following images are the surprise we got when we came down the drive way.
Click small image for larger

Green house is gone

New tree trunk roof

Jag looks to be OK ?

Mountain Power Tree service starts to work

Tree is ALMOST gone

Tree is ALMOST gone

GONE (big smile)

Tree is finally gone so is my Green house :-(

BUT i have lots of lumber :-) Lumber

8 Months later
Nov 25 constuction is ongoing

Dec 15

Jan 19, 2013 Roof is on

Jan19 from the river

Mar 21, 2013

Feb 10, 2019