1937 SS Jaguar 2 door Coupe

Sometime in the 1950's unknown persons decided to customize a 1937 4 door SS Jaguar Saloon
Possibly inspired by the 1938 Earls Court SS 100 Coupe they shortened the chassis 15" 
to the same wheelbase as the SS 100, necessitating the removal of the back doors
thus making a 2 door coupe. Then in the 60's or 70's possibly by a new owner the car was
sent to a restoration shop for unknown repair or restoration. The shop removed all
the chrome trim, & interior then stripped the car to bare metal, at this point the car
was put outside for some unknown reason, maybe lack of funds or ? 
The story as i have been told is the shop burned down with all the goodies
but the Chassis, engine, running gear, & body was untouched outside.
There it sat for years until some body took a picture of it
& it was published several years ago
when i saw the picture in the magazine i immediately fell in love with the car.
it took about 2 years before i found the owner
the following picts. are the results & a hint of the future.
click on a thumbnail for a larger view

in the beginning

Chassis restored

slow progress

Getting the doors to hang correct
& fitting of the bonnet are 2 very time
consuming chores on jobs like this

a little more progress