Strever's Jaguar Farm

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this was my garage in Santa Ana

4 post lift with SS100

More Jags

1949 MK 5 DHC & 1935 SS1 Airline
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1939 SS100 DHC by Newsome/Avon
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More Jags

& More SS1 Jags

Diacro Press Brake
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Custom 1937 SS Jag Coupe 
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oldest SS1 commission tag 

new addition

1946 Hudson PU shop truck
another new addition

my first car was a 1929 Mdl A Cabriolet

Engine Dept.

Engine Dept.



Eckold Shrinking Dies

TM-Technologies shrinking

Go Here for Metal Meet the largest forum of Metal Shapers


Welding table

Bead roller - Ewheel - CP rivet squeeze

Parts Room

Battery tester - valve grinder - etc

Engine analyzer - distributer tester

Stainless SS100 Gas Tank

SS100 with Stainless gas tank

Spare engines

Parts Car Bone Yard

Future tool projects

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