St. Charlotte Islands British Columbia Canada

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lets get going

Dee Strever

still on the ground

Dick Strever

having fun yet ?

small landing pad

We flew from VanCouver B.C. to Sand Spit on the East Coast of
the St. Charlotte islands & from sand spit we had to take a helicopter
over to the west coast  to Tasu Sound fishing lodge. Dee was very
worried of flying in the chopper as you can see on her face. The landing
pad was a very small floating boat dock. But the Helicopter trips
turned out to be one of the fun highlights for her. :-)
Our room is the one on the end just behind the chopper

Tasu Sound fishing lodge

Tasu Sound

Bears & more Bears

We saw Bears every day walking the beach looking for Salmon carcasses, No beach walks for us :-)

entrance to ocean
Dick's Big Halibut
155 # released

125 # released

Dee's Halibut

 The first day we elected to go outside the sound & fish on the Ocean for Halibut.
i caught & released the first 2 of approx. 125 #s & 155 #s  because Halibut over 70 # are females & we had decided to only keep a smaller male. Dee caught the 50 # male, more then enough halibut for us.

Dee's 50 # Halibut

Silver Salmon fishing

Silver released

Silver released

After landing our Halibut we decided to fish for Coho "silver" Salmon
on the surface without any weights Wow what a fight, jumping & running
the most fighting # for # Salmon there is & we caught & released several.
when Dee hooked a large male, the guide convinced us to keep it. it was the largest Silver Salmon caught on the trip.

King released

my 28 # King

1st day weigh in

Dee's Halibut

Then we decided to fish for Chinook "king" Salmon down about 70 to 80
feet deep. we caught & released a couple of them. Then i caught one bleeding so badly in the gills he would die, so we had to keep him. this is all on the
first day out on the Ocean

Dee's 13 # Silver
Biggest Silver caught

Dick's 28 # King
Salmon not the biggest :-)
 A storm front came in that night & we sat around for the rest of the trip
we only fished one day. But what a day :-)